Monday, May 20, 2013

White Horse by Alex Adams

White Horse
White Horse Series Book One
By Alex Adams

Zoe once lived an ordinary life, she had family and friends and a decent job as janitor for Pope Pharmaceuticals. Then the world she knew spiraled out of existence leaving Zoe on a journey in a post-apocalyptic world making her way to Greece on a search for a better life. Through flashbacks we are able to see precisely how the world becomes a nightmare full of monsters lurking around every corner, those who were once human and those who are still human but lost their humanity somewhere in the chaos.  

This novel starts off from the beginning as a harsh assessment of the monsters that human beings can become. This is a brutal story full of murder and unspeakable violence in a world that has been left ravaged; it is certainly not for the faint of heart. For the most part I liked this book, the flashbacks of how the world began to change was much more interesting to me then the “now” portion of the book until Zoe finally makes it to Greece and the author seems to open up and the post-apocalyptic world becomes even more enthralling than the downfall of mankind. The only problem I had with the book was the big bad villain was more annoying than anything else, but in the end it works into the story a bit better and you’re not rolling your eyes every time they show up. Plus with an ending like this one has chances are you’ll read book two regardless just to see what happens next.

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  1. I started this and had to set it aside to do some commitments. Your review is encouraging and I plan on finishing it this weekend.
    Thanks for sharing.