Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Bridge By Karen Kingsbury

The Bridge
By Karen Kingsbury

For thirty years Charlie and Donna Barton have run The Bridge a book store in Tennessee, not only do they sell books but through the years have touched the lives of many people around them. This includes Molly Allen and Ryan Kelly who met in college and would use The Bridge as their own secret hideout. Years later Molly and Ryan have drifted apart and The Bridge has been hit by hard times after a devastating flood. Now Molly and Ryan are reunited to save their beloved bookstore and maybe work through the hurt of their pasts.

Karen Kingsbury has now made it onto my “Evil Evil Authors” list, I think I cried throughout three fourths of this novella so I definitely recommend grabbing a box of tissues to have by your side as Karen Kingsbury is a master at playing with your heart strings. This was such a beautiful novel of how the smallest thing can truly change a person’s life forever. Each person has a story and Charlie has become a part of that by showing a simple act of kindness to those around him. Karen Kingsbury manages to incorporate so much in such a short book not only Molly and Ryan’s story but also Charlie and Donna and even glimpses into the lives of the many people who were affected by the bookstore. I absolutely loved this book it’s just a simple yet beautiful Christian romance yet the story will stay with you.

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