Saturday, November 10, 2012

Vengeance of the Wolf By Solitaire Parke Review

Vengeance of the Wolf
By Solitaire Parke

Politicians are being murdered one by one in mysterious ways that cannot be natural, for instance the man whose heart has stopped that could have been explained as a heart attack except for the fact every bone in his body has been broken. Detective John Yardley, an FBI agent, and Frank Williams are determined to put a stop to these murders at any cost, but when the killer enters into a man’s dreams how will they ever find out who is responsible?

Vengeance of the Wolf

This is truly an original paranormal mystery, I had thought it would be scarier than it actually was but it leaned more towards the mystery side rather than the horror genre. All in all Solitaire Parke does a wonderful job bringing her scenes to life, drawing you into the nightmares of men and a bringing each instance to the forefront so vividly you will cringe. I just wish there had been more action, sometimes it can read rather slow but for the most part it is truly fascinating. With such a story line the novel is absolutely riveting; my favorite scene is when several vehicles run a woman over go around the block to do it again with the drivers having no control over themselves. I would give this one a try it may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it is so unique it is worth the read.

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