Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Crazy Love By Amir Abrams Review

 Crazy LoveCrazy Love
By Amir Abrams

Kamiyah Nicols is a shining student at a prestigious art school with her sights set on Julliard. Then one day she meets Sincere Lewis and fall madly in love, giving a whole new meaning to madly. Soon she is skipping school and her entire life begins to revolve around Sincere and what began as infatuation soon turns into obsession.

From the synopsis I had read of this book I thought it would take a more sinister turn, true things do go over the top but not as far as I thought it would. What this book turned out to be was a young spoiled girl learning to love. What is right and wrong in a relationship, and how you must be secure with yourself in order to truly appreciate the person you love. I have to say Kamiyah drove me nuts she was a spoiled brat who manipulated everyone around her, but if she had not been this novel would not have been as moving and poignant as it turned out to be. It is well worth the read, I am not sure I would classify this as a coming of age story but it seems to come with a wonderful lesson.

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