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Blackstone and Brenwen: A Swansong for a Sibling By Andrew D. Mellusco Review

Blackstone & Brenwen: Swansong for a SiblingBlackstone and Brenwen:
A Swansong for a Sibling
By Andrew D. Mellusco

Elliot Blackstone is back this time he journeys to the faun realm representing a Human accused of “Witch-Trickery.” While he is off doing this his apprentice the Centaur Epona Brenwan is on a mission to help Aladdin, a young spy, unite the five realms of Persia. All the while we also have Fury and her boyfriend, Sandman Vincent, traveling to the depths of Mermadom in their capacity as insurance lawyers to help the King be rid of the twenty seven sunken ships and all of their treasure. From three kingdoms come three amazing intertwining stories.

First off I loved Mermadom, not only because I am a sucker for anything mermaid but because Andrew D. Mellusco creates a absolutely unique under sea world where tourists from land can come and visit as they see fit. How you may ask? Bubbles, Oh yes Bubbles and the way the author plays on these it seems plausible, well if you take into account it is still a fantasy novel. I laughed myself silly with the antics that Fury would pull on Vincent as he was terrified his bubble would burst. And as always we have Elliot who is sure to make you smile if not laugh out loud. The best way I can describe this novel is The Lincoln Lawyer meets The Brothers Grimm. It is fun and unique it the best possible way.  As a lot of you may know I listen to most of my books whether it is through audio books or just text to speech, I did that in this instance and my husband whom I didn’t even know was listening as well kept commenting on the book as he too enjoyed some of the absurd situations that people have found themselves in, such as a scene involving three wishes and sausage. I definitely recommend picking up this series or even just this book it is well worth the read! 

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