Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Toys by James Patterson

By James Patterson

Hays is an Elite genetically altered to be perfection personified with super strength and speed, but when Hays finds out he is not actually an elite but was born as a human his entire world is tossed upside down and thrown into a battle as the Elites he once loved and was an integral part of want to exterminate all humans. Together with his adoptive sister he had not known existed, the two work together to aid the human resistance and bring an end to the war between the two factions and along the way their relationship becomes more than either of the two expected.

James Patterson is a fantastic author and this book is no exception he brings science fiction and mystery combining the two into a face paced and unbelievable action and adventure novel. I am not big on the romance he created in this book I know they are not actually related and that they had never met before, but calling each other brother and sister playfully then lusting after her the next minute is a bit weird to me, not to mention he has a wife and kids even though his wife wants him dead after she finds out he is a human. Maybe I am a bit biased since I have read some of Patterson’s romances and I know for a fact he can do much better. That withstanding it is a fun book and a great read.

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