Sunday, July 8, 2012

Exceeding Expectations By Lisa April Smith Review

Exceeding Expectations
By Lisa April Smith

There are only two things that mean anything to Jack Morgan, his daughters, and in order to protect them he must fake his own suicide. His youngest daughter Charlotte is twenty three and after years of having her every whim tended to  by her father when he dies and leaves her penniless she has no idea what she is going to do. With her older sister in a “clinic” due to having a mental breakdown after the news of her father’s suicide Charlotte knows she must do something to make money, after a suggestion from a friendly lawyer she tries her hand at modeling soon she finds the independence she craves all the while she investigates why her father had to take his own life uncovering disturbing things along the way.

Lisa April Smith does a wonderful job not only with capturing the nineteen sixties vividly yet subtly but also in enveloping not one but two beautiful romances with glimpses back to pre- World War Two encompassing the love Charlotte’s mother and father found in each other.   Even though there is a splendid romance between Charlotte and Raul this story was more about Charlotte and the pain she must overcome after losing her father and then finding a way to support herself and become independent all while searching for answers it is so well written, you find yourself easily lost in the story. I don’t usually compare authors to one another but I must say, Look out Danielle Steel it seems you have some competition for writing intriguing dramatic novels.

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