Friday, July 27, 2012

The Deep by Peter Benchly Review

The Deep
By Peter Benchley
A Honeymooning couple is diving off the coast of Bermuda when they come across a shipwreck and a small glass vial that will forever change their lives. When they return to their hotel room with the glass vial a strange man approaches them trying to buy it from them claiming the glass is rare they refuse, proclaiming they must find out what is in the vial before they are willing to sell it to anyone. From there a man who doesn’t even exist officially tries to hire them to find more of the vials and soon the couple discovers what is so valuable, the small vials actually contain pure morphine. This is only the beginning of their adventure as they work with the local light house keeper to find as many of the vials they can before they fall into the wrong hands.

The man who wrote this also wrote Jaws so I was excited to be able to write a review, it turns out I wasn’t disappointed. Though not quite as scary as Jaws was this book certainly holds up with its action and adventure until the very last moment. I will say I hated the ending and it will definitely leave you wanting to know more, otherwise it was a fun and quick read.

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