Sunday, May 20, 2012

Blind Veil By Michael Lorde Review

Blind Veil
By Michael Lorde

Former marine and now a long time police officer Lamont Simms has just bought a boat and is spending a few days out on the ocean taking a much needed vacation. As Lamont is napping off the few beers he has consumed a shadowy figure boards the boat only to sink it and wait for Lamont’s body. Fortunately Lamont escapes his imminent death and is rescued by an elderly man only to find himself the focus of a bizarre experiment.

Michael Lorde combines psychological thriller and science fiction to create a strange and intriguing novel, what if what you thought you knew was not real at all? The author did a wonderful job at leaving you guessing and in the end wanting to know more but would it be a true psychological thriller if there was a sequel; I loved the cliff hanger of this book. The scenes were exceptional and you can tell the author’s police background came into play giving the scenes a much more realistic feel to them. This was a quick and fun read if you enjoy detective novels you should definitely give this one a try it is unlike any I have read before.

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