Friday, May 25, 2012

+One by Brian Baleno Review

+ One
By Brian Baleno

Jake is a workaholic investment banker who tries to juggle the work he loves and the woman he loves. Each one is important but as time progresses one of them must come first or he will lose something he cherishes. But what do you do when you love your career and the sense of pride it gives you means more to you than anyone can imagine?

This is not your happily ever after kind of book it is a look into the mind of a man who has hard choices to make where love is concerned. Though this is a well written novel and the story is interesting the woman he is in love with, Kara, drove me crazy. She whined constantly of how much he worked, but this is a personal issue I have considering my husband works twelve plus hours a day and is on call twenty four seven and leaves anywhere from a month to fifteen months at a time I kept wanting to tell Kara to suck it up if you truly love someone you make it work no matter what. In the end the book did turn around for me with an emotional scene and once the main character made his own pivotal breakthrough I did enjoy the book but the first half of the book drove me so crazy it ruined it for me.

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