Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Matched by Ally Condie Review

By Ally Condie

Cassia lives in a world where the Society decides everything even who she can marry and have children with for optimum results. In a world where you are told what you can and cannot eat, where you cannot even run in public Cassia is content but when it comes time to her own match an error occurs she not only sees the face of her childhood best friend but also a boy who is a pariah in the Society, Ky, and should never have been entered into the match. When her grandfather slips her a forbidden poem from his deathbed and she starts to have feelings for Ky, it accumulates and she begins to have strange rebellious feelings towards the Society she has always entrusted.

The perfect Society where you have no choices whatsoever what would it be like to have your entire life broken down into statistics and from those statistics you become completely predictable? What would it be like for someone to be able to find that perfect someone for you and you never have to wonder about whom you will marry you would never even have to worry about divorce because they would be absolutely perfect for you. Allie Condie answers these questions and then brings it to life, yes if you knew nothing else it would seem perfect but when you get a taste of your own freedom what would happen. This was a great book it was well written and believable, you can see yourself in this world and how seemingly perfect it would be. The romance was beautiful and as Cassia deals with her own conflicted feelings the author manages to clearly express them so as we feel them too. I can’t wait until I can read Crossed book two of the Matched series and we can go on adventure with Cassia that I truly hope will not disappoint.
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