Saturday, June 2, 2012

44 Charles Street by Danielle Steel Review

44 Charles Street
44 Charles Street

By Danielle Steel

After a recent break up Francesca Thayer struggles to keep her house and business running. Since she can no longer afford to pay the full mortgage on her on she decides to take in roommates. First comes Eileen fresh out of college and recently moved to New York from San Diego after she began receiving unwanted attention from a man who would not take no for an answer, then comes Chris recently divorced and with joint custody of a seven year old boy, then Marya a famous chef completes this eclectic bunch who end up finding more than just a home on Charles Street but a family as well.

This was a beautiful novel of love, loss, and friendship. Each person who moves into the house on Charles Street has something they must overcome and they all go through one of the most horrible things that someone must endure together they find solace and comfort forming an unbreakable bond between themselves. I have only read one of Danielle Steel’s novels before but her writing is beautiful it is no wonder that she has so many best sellers. This is not a novel of mystery and suspense but of life itself and the trials we face from the loss of a friend to the battles with addiction Danielle Steel tugs at your heart strings in an unexpected way. I had always thought she wrote trashy romances but this novel proved to me that I was very mistaken, it is a wonderful read.

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