Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kiss the Crystal Sun by Penelope King Review

Kiss the Crystal Sun
Book Two of the Spellbound Trilogy
By Penelope King

Calista isn’t an ordinary girl she recently found out that the special powers she has always exhibited have come from a long line of witches, but when she was a baby her mother placed a spell on her that made her all but invisible to the rest of her maternal family and when her mother died she grew up thinking she was the only one of her kind. Soon after she moved to California and met her maternal grandmother she also met the boy of her dreams literally, Nicholas he too has special abilities and grew up without the guidance of a family but unlike Callista he was able to explore many different facets of the magical world. Now Nicholas is trying to save Callista’s friend Justin and purge him of an ancient gypsy curse that causes him to kill witches making him a witch hunter.

This book is full of twists and turns not only is Callista trying to save her best friend but she also finds out that her grandmother has been hiding devastating secrets from her. We also find out more about Callista’s mother and Callista’s life before she moved from Louisiana, with all that has happened in this book I don’t know how Penelope King will be able to top it but I look forward to find out what she will come up with next.

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