Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Gatekeeper by Jason D. Morrow Review

The Gatekeeper
Book Two of The Marenon Chronicles
By Jason D. Morrow

We return to Marenon in the midst of the war between the Stuhocs and the citizens of Marenon. Silas Ainsley is searching for the gatekeeper in hopes of finding out more of the prophecy that has led to him being the chosen one and find out what exactly he is supposed to be the deliverer of. While this is happening Nalani, a member of the Dunarians, is trying to retrieve the orange pendant from the Nestorians and newly appointed King Jullian Hobbes investigates the corruption within the Dunarians. With all that is happening each character goes through their own individual struggles some more so than others but in the end will what they face bring them any closer to being able to defeat the Stuhocs once and for all?

So much happened in this book I don’t think I did it justice in my brief synopsis. In this book we travel to new places within Marenon and we watch as Silas falls in love, insert girly sigh here. This was definitely a great continuation of the previous book but if you haven’t read the first one you may want to go back and familiarize yourself with the players thus far, the story is very intricate and so far has been a fantastic fantasy series. I loved the progression of Jullian after the death of his brother in the last book I honestly didn’t expect what happened to him and I found it quite entertaining to read, of course I can’t tell you more than that otherwise it would spoil it so I suggest you read it and find out!

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