Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Lifeboat by Charlotte Rogan Review

The Lifeboat
By Charlotte Rogan

In the summer of 1914 Grace Winter is on her way across the Atlantic with her new husband to meet her new in-laws. Though in the middle of the voyage there is a mysterious explosion that leaves the ship she was on at the bottom of the ocean, with half of the lifeboats engulfed in flames people rush to the ones remaining only to realize that the plaque stating a capacity for forty passengers is a lie, if they are to survive others must perish but how does one decide such a thing?

This was such an interesting novel it starts with a trial and you have no clue as to what the trial is for except that it had to do with the main character’s time spent trapped on the lifeboat. The events that occur during this book bring a strange light to the survival instinct. The author manages to write a beautiful and terrifying novel without using ghosts or goblins but simple human behavior and survival instinct. This is definitely an interesting read as the survivor’s minds begin to become the true monster of this story the more immersed we become with the tale. I just wish there had been more to the epilogue but that is simple greed on my part.
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