Saturday, June 23, 2012

Anyone But You by Jennifer Crusie Review

Anyone But You
By Jennifer Crusie

Nina is turning forty and after years of being married to a controlling man she is finally free and has decided her life needs a cute perky puppy, but then she sees Fred. Fred is mild aged and smelly and on his way to being put down in the local shelter. When she brings him back to her apartment she teaches him to use the fire escape to let himself out and in, on one of his excursions he stumbles upon Nina’s downstairs neighbor thirty year old gorgeous doctor Alex. Soon Nina and Alex find themselves in a fun and flirtatious friendship but nothing more Nina knows she is too old for him until one day she winds up in his E.R. and realizes he isn’t as immature as he seems.

This was such a cute book with witty commentary and the most adorable dog. It is funny and well written the two combined bring to life a beautiful romance. The trials the two must overcome to be together are realistic which adds to the drama of this novel and in the end, like all good romances, there is a happily ever after. If you are a fan of contemporary romance, you should definitely give this one a try it is sure to please.

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