Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Jealousy Glass by Gwen Perkins Review

The Jealousy Glass
Artifacts of Empire Book two
By Gwen Perkins

Asahel and Felix barely escape a shipwreck; the two depend on each other to get back to civilization in order to survive. Once they are back they must walk a fine line as political tension is rampant in Anjdur between the Empress and those who wish her dead.
The Jealousy Glass (Artifacts of Empire, #2) 
Ok so I missed a lot by not reading the first book, this book jumps right into the middle of the story as Asahel and Felix are on their merry way and the ship they are on is soon tossed to the bottom of the sea. The author didn’t do a very good job in “playing catch up” so if you haven’t read the first I certainly suggest it. Otherwise I liked this book, from the subtle M/M Romance (a romance that revolves around two Males) to the high octane action this is certainly a unique novel.  I truly wish I had read the first though the story seems so interesting but confusing as there are times that I have no idea what Gwen Perkins is talking about. This is definitely an amazing adventure novel with strong religious undertones as well as sexuality, if either of these topics offend you or may be a touchy subject for you skip it otherwise this is a must read!

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