Monday, December 3, 2012

Maybe Too Good To Be True By Christie McKee Review

Maybe Too Good To Be TrueMaybe Too Good To Be True
By Christie McKee

Gabriel March is barely keeping her head above water as her promise to keep her father’s newspaper going may sink her financially. As she is struggling to find a way to pay the electric bill a strange summons comes in the mail from Elizabeth Hastings. Elizabeth is determined to right a terrible wrong that was exacted on Gabrielle March’s family.

This was a great book, full of finding love and becoming a part of a family, but also mystery and intrigue this is a phenomenal romance novel. I loved Elizabeth Hastings though she wasn’t a main character exactly she was my favorite. Elizabeth Hastings is an eccentric rich old lady and Christie McKee truly brings her to life through snippets of her past as well as being a part of the story that is currently taking place. I review the entire book the writing, the story line, the characters, as well as the presentation of the novel. In this case I don’t understand the cover, the only thing that seems to fit is the dog, I mean the story is about a person who becomes super rich and the man she falls in love with who she first mistakes as a millionaire playboy who does nothing with his life. When I see the couple in the picture it does not scream wealth like the characters in the story did. Besides the cover I could not find anything wrong with this novel, the author is an impressive composer and has brought to life some amazing scenes, the storyline is fun and entertaining, it is definitely a book worth reading.

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