Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Abandoned Angel by Kayden Lee Review

Abandoned Angel
By Kayden Lee

Angelina has been left beaten and bloody in front of a biker bar by her husband who was recently released from jail. Angelina had refused to let her son visit him in jail her husband takes out his revenge by kidnapping their child. When she comes to and stumbles into the bar she meets up with a handsome stranger, Blaze, who takes her into his care and promises he will help her get back to her son and protect her from the other more brutal members of the biker gang.  It’s a journey that takes us from New Mexico to Iowa as Kayden Lee describes some very beautiful scenery and despicable characters, all while pulling on your heart strings. 

This book was an interesting read the main character is a bit hard for me to connect with, after she wakes up from her husband abandoning her she is afraid for her child but the first thing she does in the bar is order a beer?  I don’t have children but I don’t think I could sit down and drink a beer if my abusive husband has just kidnapped my child. That is just the beginning though the book and the main character do improve vastly from that point. I did actually have a lot of fun reading it once I was past my aggravation at the main character at the start, but for all I know that could have been what the author was going for. The relationships that develop with Angelina and some of the other bikers were very poignant, such as the bond that forms between the young girl Tiffany and Angelina.  It is a beautiful story I just wish there had been an epilogue; the ending is definitely a cliff hanger, unless Kayden Lee has another book planned.  The only thing left to say about this book is please edit, I may be a bit harsher about misspelled words in a book than others because I have OCD, I can handle a couple of misspellings everyone makes mistakes, but this book is riddled with them and then for some reason the edition I had, chapter eight is written in red and chapter nine is written in green while the rest of the book is in black. I am not sure if that was an uploading error or user error, this book will rank a 3/5 stars from me with more editing I would definitely rank it higher!   

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