Thursday, March 22, 2012

So Many Reviews So Little Time?

So I have done 3 reviews in the past three days.. go me! lol  Today I decided to take it easy. I caught up on one of my shows, The River... zombies wth? Seriously though what is so fascinating with zombies lately? Makes me want to grab a gun and shoot them in the head through the television. That's an Idea! A game like the old duck hunt on nintendo but zombies. (not like COD but old school have the zombies pop out from behind the bushes!) Anyways I did get a review up today it's of a short story that just wasn't my cup of tea, though some of you may like it. It's not a bad story but, I am definitely the wrong audience demographic for it! lol Now I plan on getting back to some mind numbing tv my brain needs a rest.. 

I love this! I want to get my husband the T-Shirt from ThinkGeek


  1. Sometimes I do feel overwhelmed too by all the reviews need to be done.
    Seems it feels like blogging now is more to a job rather than something I'm doing just for fun. Since I'm still in school and there's a lot of responsibilities and things to do, I have quite a hard time managing time between school and blogging.
    And sometimes I feel stupid for making a blog this year, a year where I will have my most important exam and I can't afford to not pass.

    Now my blog is going slow and now it's been a few days since the last time I updated it.
    I only update once or twice in a week now.

    1. Oh no that sucks. Have you thought about partnering up with someone? Just until your exams are over, see if there is someone you trust to help you out and keep your fan base kindled. :) I don't really have to worry about it, I am primarily stay at home wife (no kids) and I do volunteer work with the red cross so I have extra time to spare sometimes, not always! lol