Friday, March 23, 2012

Grave Morality by JC Finch Review

Grave Morality
By JC Finch

A person of un-known origin who only goes by the name RJ is manipulating people into “repenting” for their sins by killing their coworkers, otherwise the secrets of the sins they have committed will be revealed and their lives ruined. RJ sends them a package and various instructions, inside the package there is evidence of their co-workers corruption, their sins are nothing compared to their coworkers, or so they justify themselves.  Ron Persey and George Hart, two young men who were greatly affected by the murders that have taken place decide to find out who the killer is, taking us on a journey of murder and intrigue.

I truly enjoyed this book, maybe I am warped but the way these people were murdered was ingenious. The “killer” is never actually present for any of it, they just pulls the puppet’s strings, letting someone else pull the trigger.  There were enough plot twists to keep you interested but not too many as to lose you completely, the characters where engaging, the story itself draws you in and will not release you until you are finally at the end.  There really isn’t much I can say without giving the book away and I wouldn’t want to ruin your fun. What I can say is be sure to have tissues available! 

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