Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ohhh The Agony!

Well I am taking a break today.  I've read some; I am addicted after all lol.  Unfortunately my eyes are killing me.  It's my own fault for not wearing my glasses lol, but it's a pain reading in bed, at four in the morning, with them on. So, today, I am gonna kick back and veg out with my husband, to rot my brain watching some idiotic movie or another.  I should have a new review up tomorrow!  Check back for my thoughts on Abandoned Angel. . . 
 Ohhhhh!  Can you feel the suspense in the air? 


  1. I hear ya! i hate wering glasses in bed so i don't and wake up with a headache. Enjoy a day off. Love the cartoon. So true!
    Laura Thomas

    1. Right! at least I am not the only one! And thanks I try to find really cute cartoons on my boring posts lol.

  2. I always get crumbs all over the place if I read in bed.