Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Fixer Upper by Mary Kay Andrews Review

The Fixer Upper
By Mary Kay Andrews

Dempsey Jo Killebrew, is a young naive junior associate to a lobbyist in Washington, After her boss throws her under the bus for his actions in trying to bribe a US Congress member, Dempsey winds up broke, unemployed, and homeless. That is until her father suggests that she go down to Guthrie, Georgia and fix up his family’s home, he had just inherited, Birdsong. As she fixes the house she comes to terms with her own situation and we join her in an adventure of self-discovery.

I fell in love with the mean old lady who was squatting in Birdsong, Ella Kate, the cantankerous old woman reminded me of my own grandmother minus the dog! Mary Kay Andrew does a wonderful job of describing details in this book, so that even those who have never renovated a home have a clear picture of what is happening. It wasn’t a bad book but it felt lacking, to me the romance in the novel was very abrupt, but on the other hand when Dempsey finally snapped out of her self-pitying and idiotic behavior and grew a backbone I almost whooped for joy, I have never had much patience for women who always talk badly about themselves. The ending was not that great either especially for a stand-alone novel, but it is a fun and light hearted read and I think Ella Kate makes it worth it.

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