Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Between the Land and the Sea by Derrolyn Anderson Review

Between the Land and the Sea
By Derrolyn Anderson

Marina’s father is leaving for Afghanistan too do research on agriculture but since it is not safe for his teenage daughter he sends Marina to a small California coastal town to live with her aunt and her cousin.  Shortly after she arrives she is swept into the ocean and rescued by what turn out to be her other aunt, a mermaid. Once Marina finds out that her mother who had died giving birth turn her had been an actual mermaid never having attended school before seems the least of her problems.
This is a very unique book a half-mermaid girl is being lured to the ocean, what may seem innocent turns out to be sinister with nightmare prophetic dreams that have her walking in her sleep towards the ocean. I may be biased mermaids have always been my favorite mythological creatures, but Derrolyn Anderson did a fantastic job with this book she was so wonderfully descriptive there was one scene in particular were Marina had stepped on glass that I cringed with phantom pains of my own. I also enjoyed the other characters she was able to put enough background to them that they all could have their own stories but not so much to take the focus away from the main plot and Marina. Definitely worth the read and I can’t wait to read The Moon and The Tide book two of Marina’s Tales.

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  1. Did you ever watch Fawlty Towers? It's an old British sitcom from the 1970s starring John Cleese.

    The book title reminds me of an episode where he says "You can see the sea, it's over there between the land and the sky."


    1. That was so funny! Thank you for sharing that with me, I have never seen the show but now I am thoroughly intrigued! lol