Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dangerous by Alycia Linwood Review

By Alycia Linwood

The God of Magic gave every human control over one of the four main elements with one condition, the elements should never mix. But as is a human nature person began to break that rule. Over the years through the mixing of all of the elements a powerful disease was create making the one with the “Magic Disease” have no element and an insatiable urge to kill someone for theirs. This book is the story of Ria, a young woman in her freshman year of college, who finds out that even though she has an element and comes from a “pure” family she actually is a carrier of the Magic Disease.  
This was actually a cute book about the struggles Ria is facing. How she has to hide what she has become or risk someone torturing or killing her. Ria also falls in love but even though it sounds simple, it’s not, she must chose between Michael a boy who would do anything for her and love her unconditionally but whom she has accidently tried to kill, or Adrian who also has the magic disease but is dating her best friend.  The book was a fun and easy read but if you like a lot of action this is not the book for you. It’s a great ok for snuggling on the couch with.

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