Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice Review

The Wolf Gift
By Anne Rice

Reuben is a young journalist writing a real-estate piece on a beautiful historic home off the coast of California, after connecting with the woman who owns the home and spending the night in her bed he awakes to her screams. The woman has been brutally murdered and the assailants turn toward Reuben next when a giant beast comes to his rescue, unfortunately the beast has bitten Reuben forever changing his life. When Reuben transforms into his man wolf form it seems he can sense the presence of evil and does whatever he can to stop violent crimes from occurring become a widely recognized vigilante dubbing himself as the Man Wolf. Though no one knows Reuben is actually the Man Wolf, with the notice wide spread throughout the world scientists come forth with maniacal ideas and want to run all kinds of experiments on Reuben.

Anne Rice has taken a classic tale and come up with a new and surprising twist, part Superman and part Wolfman this is an interesting tale. The Man Wolf is able to keep full consciousness remaining aware of his actions as he would as himself and scenting on the air the true intentions of those around him.  Though at first Reuben is not the most of enjoyable characters, we soon follow him as he changes not only into his part wolf form but into a stronger person in general; in essence we follow along as Reuben goes from a happy go lucky boy to a hardened man. Though the ending was truly lacking in some points, I hope there is a sequel to this one because it leaves so many things up in the air and unfinished.

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