Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pool of Souls by Cheryl Landmark Review

Pool of Souls
By Cheryl Landmark
Cazlina Narzan has an extraordinary gift; she is able to communicate telepathically with animals. This very gift turns out to be highly instrumental when she decides to join the army set out to destroy the evil queen Saranor’s reign.  Along the way she joins forces with her brother, Gareth, and an unlikely ally a horse thief whom she met while he was in the process of trying to steal her very own horse. Together this unusual group of soon to be heroes destroy the source of the Queen’s terrible power the pool of souls, which consumes whomever is thrown into it allowing the Queen to use their very essence as her own.
This fantasy novel is action packed from beginning to end with such a strong heroine you won’t want to stop reading for even a moment. Cheryl Landmark did an amazing job in creating her world the only thing I wish, is that it had a map so I could better visualize the terrain the people where having to transgress.  Some of the details where a little lacking but Cheryl Landmark was still able to help you visualize with what she wrote, I am just greedy and want to know more.

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  1. I find the idea of communicating with animals fascinating. The book sounds wonderful. Adding to my wish list. Thanks for the review, I enjoyed it:)