Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Few Are Chosen by M T McGuire Review

Few Are Chosen
By M T McGuire
K’Barthan Trilogy Book One

The Pan of Hamgee is accident prone to say the least and when he accidently burns down a mob boss’ flat he soon wiggles his out of a cement box into being the greatest getaway driver K’Barth has ever seen, because if there is one thing The Pan knows how to do it is run away. This is only the beginning for the Pan though he soon becomes wanted not only by Lord Vernon the ruler of K’Barth but also wanted by the head of the resistance which seem just as bad as the current rulers, and for some reason an Old Man seems to bring him even more trouble as the man searches for the person who is destined to rule over the land.

This book is witty and fast paced, The Pan often finds himself saying the most inappropriate things at the most inopportune times leaving you silently chuckling to yourself at the audacity of the guy. M T McGuire has also seemed to imagine some of the most interesting characters for instance the three foot tall creatures with cat’s facial feature and only one leg, which becomes very angry if you mention their height. This book is certainly entertaining and imaginative I can’t wait to read book two The Wrong Stuff.

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