Monday, April 30, 2012

Splitting Adam by John R. Ford Review

Splitting Adam
By John R. Ford

Adam Tyler is restless he was called to be a pastor but for some reason he never feels fulfilled on his thirtieth birthday he is visited by an angel sent from his mother. When the angel asks him what he wants Adam pulls an “It’s a Wonderful Life” moment and wishes he had never been born but what he doesn’t realize is that even if he had never been born his mother and father would have still procreated only with other people causing there to be two half selves of Adam. This not just Adam’s story but theirs as well and the only way Adam can get home is to change his own perspective of his life.

This was an interesting novel of the power of faith and realizing you are just a drop in a pond but the ripples your life creates are what truly matter. John R. Ford did a wonderful job bringing Adam and his two half selves to life, each one unique and no quite as distant as they may seem at first to each other. Though Victor is a businessman and Chase is a con-artist they all share something at the core of their being that is irreplaceable, goodness and kindness. It’s a heartwarming story that I recommend for anyone to read full of love and cherishing what you have, which is a good lesson for anyone.

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