Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wraith's Forest by L.J. Leger Review

Wraith’s Forest
By L.J. Leger

Every twenty-five years a group of young women are chosen to harvest the Tree of Providence, this time as a young woman, Jenna, is harvesting she holds resentment in her heart  for having been selected in doing so she has condemned the harvest which in turn can cause famine and death to the rest of the villagers. There is only one way to heal the fruit, she must appeal to the Wraith who stalks the forest around the village if she can persuade him to let her have his magical blade she will be able to undo what has been done. The Wraith agrees on one condition, she must spend a week with him.

L.J. Leger does a wonderful job in her retelling of Beauty and the Beast, I only wish it was a full novel I want more of this story! Even though it is roughly fifty pages the author manages to pull us into the story and brings the story to life with the descriptions of the house in which the wraith lives and even the description of Jenna but I wish she had gone into more details of what the wraith looked like under his cloak and why the villagers had gone insane from their encounters with him. All in all it is an interesting short story.

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