Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Stir of Echoes By Richard Matheson Review

A Stir of EchoesA Stir of Echoes
By Richard Matheson

What started as a parlor trick by his brother in law soon left Tom Wallace with abilities he never knew he possessed. The nightmares start with seeing a woman leaving Tom in a panic but then he begins to hear people’s thoughts around him as well.  As the woman becomes more persistent and his family is beginning to suffer he decides to put an end it to once and for all.

I am a huge fan of the movie Stir of Echoes, I actually had no idea it was based off of a book and as soon as I found out I had to read it. This is another one of those instances that Hollywood has taken several liberties with a novel, and in this case the novel was so much better than its counterpart. The story is highly in depth with twists and turns at every corner making this a remarkable read. One of the best features of this novel is the ending, I thought I had, had it all figured out and was even beginning to become bored with the novel when Richard Matheson came out of left field with an ending I would never have expected. Employing spooky ghosts and eerie dreams the author has created a fun horror novel.  

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  1. When I was a kid a teacher told me to always read the book version before the movie version, because if you read the book second you'll hate it. I never heard of the movie or the book of A STIR OF ECHOES, but it sounds interesting. I'll definitely check out the book!