Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Diary By Chuck Palahniuk Review

By Chuck Palahniuk

After Misty Wimot’s husband attempts suicide and ends up in a coma her mother in law suggest she keep a diary for him, writing down all of the mundane things she can think of so that when he wakes up he will know what he has missed. Misty’s diary is full of anger at her husband as she finds messages he has sealed away in houses all over the island they live on, but soon her diary takes a dark twist as the islanders push her to paint again and once she does she soon winds up regretting her decision.

This is the first novel by Chuck Palahniuk I have read so I didn’t know quite what to expect. I wouldn’t exactly classify this as a horror novel but it is twisted and demented that there cannot be another genre so fitting. The novel starts off sarcastic and mean but when your husband calls you a fat cow in messages he has left before he tries to kill himself, well needless to say you’d be pissed off too. When you hear about a woman who is surviving such an incident you would think there is no way I can understand how that character feels, but the author manages to bring each character to life so vividly you completely sympathize feeling each emotion she feels and wanting to play her drinking game right along with her. But the best part of the novel is the ending; with a spectacular twist that is sure to leave you going “What the heck?” this author definitely saved the best for last. I had thought I figured it out and then Chuck Palahniuk came out of left field with such an amazing twist I can’t wait to read more of his work.

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