Monday, October 8, 2012

Hounded by Kevin Hearne Review

Hounded (Iron Druid Chronicles, #1)Hounded
Book One of the Iron Druid Chronicles
By Kevin Hearne

Atticus O’Sullivan is the last of the Druids, he has survived for centuries in hiding, blending in with the people around him his neighbors and friends all see him as a tattooed Irish dude who owns the local occult shop in Arizona. In actuality Atticus is twenty-one centuries old, can speak to animals and shape shift at will just being the tip of his druidic powers. Everything is going fine until one day the those that have been searching for him finally find him and Atticus decides after centuries of hiding he is tired and if they want Fragarach, his magical sword known as the Answerer, they will have to come through him. Turning this into an action packed novel from the beginning.

I picked this one up thinking maybe I could get my husband to read it with me on our trip. He hates to read but he will listen to audio books with me on occasion, what I never expected was to open a can of worms with this novel. Not only did I love this book and find myself laughing until I cried but so did my husband! This series is full of action and comedy, but it also pulls on your heart strings at moments making this a well-rounded and amazing read. I have no idea how Kevin Gearne came up with his mish mash of characters, from Oberon the poodle obsessed dog, to the sexy bartender possessed by a Hindu Witch the cast of characters is eccentric yet lovable and make the book so much fun you cannot put it down. I highly recommend the audio book version of this novel just for the narration, Luke Daniels truly brings to life the characters especially Oberon who is now my absolute favorite.

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