Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Price of Redemption By Gavin R. Dobson Review

The Price Of RedemptionThe Price of Redemption
By Gavin R. Dobson

Appletree Capital Management of London has just been appointed by CSF, a large American financial group, to oversee their expansion to the international scale. Soon though things begin to become peculiar, and then deadly.

Ok so the good things first.. This novel is well written as well as it seems to be well researched (I am not a financial mogul so I cannot say one way or another as factual). It is a corporate espionage book full of the big bad big brother coming down on the independent London office trying to remain virtuous. Not a bad story line all in all, the problem I had was that it was muddled down with so many seemingly useless details I had a hard time making it through. For instance there were a good two pages where it was nothing but an itinerary; this does not make for exciting reading, though towards the end the story did pick up immensely. The other big problem I had was that the author tried to incorporate romance into the main story line. I repeat tried, it ended up falling flat, there was no real emotional connection written into that story line which is a shame considering it would have made the ending much more poignant.

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