Friday, October 12, 2012

Cannibal Island By Cornell DeVille Review

Cannibal Island
By Cornell DeVille

Richie’s father had become obsessed with finding the legendary Golden Disk and along the way it became Richie’s passion too. One day Richie comes across an older man who is trying to sell a map with an island on it that is shrouded in mist. Richie offers to buy it from the man and learns that there is more to the story of the map, the old man himself has been to this island and warns of cannibals but also tells Richie of the treasure to be found there.
 Cannibal Island
This is definitely a book for young men, it is full of action and adventure as you set sail on one of his father’s prized ships this story will literally take you around the world. I have never read a steam punk novel before but what I found out was I thoroughly enjoyed it, reminding me of DaVinci’s inventions that where before his time, such as LEO. If you don’t know what steam punk is, it is a sub-genre of science fiction for instance the movie with Will Smith called Wild Wild West is classified as Steam Punk where the technology is far superior than it was in reality. The author goes into a ton of details so you will know exactly what he is talking about as the story progresses, I loved how vividly he brought to life the ship, The Seahorse. All in all this is an amazing novel even if you aren’t a hard core steam punk fan.

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  1. I received an email about this review. Thank you so much for writing it and for reading Cannibal Island. I'm so pleased that you enjoyed it. -- CD