Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hexed by Kevin Hearne Review

Iron Druid Chronicles Book Two
By Kevin Hearne

The last remaining druid Atticus O’Sullivan has been happy living in Arizona but now there is a coven of witches who are after his life and will stop at nothing even if it means killing his close friends in order to get to him. Not only does Atticus have to deal with witches but also demons are on the loose and bound to the area until he is dead. If Atticus is not careful there may not be any druids left in the world.
 Hexed (Iron Druid Chronicles, #2)
Snarky and accident prone Atticus O’Sullivan is a man’s man his weakness is women, very attractive women which adds to the hilarious nature of this series along with his dog Oberon whom he shares a mental link with and his old Irish neighbor you can’t help but laugh out loud at the situations Atticus finds himself in. With tongue in cheek comedy witty dialogue and an action packed story this is one book sure to please anyone unless you don’t have a sense of humor that is.

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