Saturday, October 20, 2012

Robopocalypse By Daniel H. Wilson Review

By Daniel H. Wilson

This is the account of the Robot War, after a soldier comes across a “ROB” with the events leading up to and during the war stored within its memory. It started off slowly a few incidents here and there of robots acting oddly but this was only the beginning of what the robots are capable of as soon they begin to make their own concentration camps for humans, though humans still fight back they seem to be on the losing end. But what “Rob” never counted on was the fact that humans created robots.


My mother is always telling me “I brought you into this world, I can take you right back out.” Usually when I have done something to really drive her crazy, though I know this is a hollow threat, this novel reminds me of that saying. This is a thoroughly action packed novel and the author truly makes the robots creepier and creepier as the story goes along. In the end you are rooting for the robots to get their butts kicked. The story I loved the most was between Takeo Nomura and his robot, it is a beautiful story yet sad in the beginning as his coworkers played an evil trick on him, it almost made me cry. This is only the tip of the book there is no way I could do this novel justice with its many intertwining stories, it is first and foremost a war and that in itself is worth reading but the author brings to life a future world and characters who reside there that is absolutely fascinating.

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